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Tax Relief Services And Consultations

The tax resolution companies referenced herein are not law firms nor are such representations being made. While they may employ attorneys, the use of the term ‘Tax Attorney’ is used as a general or generic term referring attorneys seasoned in aspects of tax relief and collection work. They may or may not have a specialized degree in taxation or be individually licensed in your particular state.

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  • If you’re struggling with a small amount of tax debt, this program could help you continue to stay out of debt after you’ve resolved your current financial situation.
  • From tax liens to offer in compromise, we know that every situation is unique.
  • Not only do you need to explain your tax return, but you also need to attend audit meetings and deal with the financial impact of the tax audit.
  • Adding insult to injury, some of these companies don’t provide refunds, and leave people even further in debt.

Finding an attorney who offers a broad range of tax relief strategies is the best way to ensure you find an appropriate route through the tax melee. In many cases, high-quality tax attorneys will offer free consultations to assess your situation and form an effective strategy for relieving your tax burden. The best tax-relief firms will be transparent about the methods they use to help you resolve your case. These are just a few of the different tax relief services that you’ll find at top tax-relief firms. If you’d like additional information about your full range of tax relief options, contact Tax Shark for more details. If you can afford to pay your tax bill, but not all at once and immediately, you might be able to negotiate an installment agreement with the IRS. The federal government focuses on recovering as much money as possible, so if you’re willing to pay the full bill in installments, the IRS is inclined to listen.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Tax Relief Programs

TaxRise offers tax relief for back taxes, unfiled tax years, and various other tax issues and penalties through the Fresh Start Program. With this program, we help our clients receive the best resolution possible.

  • A payment agreement whereby the total number of payments made to the IRS is less than the total amount of tax due, when full payment cannot be completed prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations.
  • Larson Tax Relief works with all sorts of tax debt relief services, from personal IRS tax debt relief to corporate tax assistance and even assistance with delaying or preventing bank levies.
  • If the IRS spots irregularities in your taxes, the agency may choose to audit you.
  • Ideally, you’ll want to get quotes in writing, including the possibility of any additional fees and all available payment options.

Results will vary based on individual circumstances, including a client’s ability to provide TaxRise with accurate and timely information. TaxRise does not assume tax debt, provide credit repair services, make monthly payments to creditors, or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting, or legal advice.


While the IRS uses harsh penalties to enforce compliance, it also understands that people make mistakes. The First-Time Penalty Abatement is available to anyone with a failure to file, failure to pay, or failure to deposit penalty for one tax period if you have a clean compliance history for the prior three years. If you apply for an offer-in-compromise, the IRS will evaluate your financial documents, Tax Relief Services And Consultations including your income, expenses, assets, and ability to pay off your debt. It will come up with a compromise payment that is more reasonable and that you should be able to pay off without resorting to neglecting other payments. Once Optima Tax Relief develops a tailored plan for your situation, you’ll move into the resolution phase, where Optima will communicate with the IRS on your behalf.

Tax Relief Services And Consultations

The process typically involves filing paperwork and communicating with the IRS on your behalf. Larson Tax Relief works with all sorts of tax debt relief services, from personal IRS tax debt relief to corporate tax assistance and even assistance with delaying or preventing bank levies. Contact us using the form below for a free consultation with one of our tax relief specialists who will determine your eligibility for one of the many tax resolution options the IRS offers. Yes, most tax relief companies have experience in both federal and state tax law and can help you with either. If you’re not sure whether your chosen company has the necessary experience in state tax law, make sure to ask in your free consultation.

Helping Taxpayers Nationwide from our Corporate Office in Chicago, IL.

Over our 30-year history, we’ve helped thousands of people find a path to get out of tax debt. When you choose TaxAudit, you’ll work with a qualified tax professional who will guide you every step of the way to provide the best possible resolution of your tax debt. If you want the best chance of obtaining tax relief from the IRS, it’s critical to employ the right tax company.

This relationship will get you out of trouble with your IRS debt and ensure that you comply with tax laws in the future to avoid further mistakes and additional tax debt. Look for companies that offer a money-back guarantee, but be aware that these guarantees come with a lot of fine print. Typically, companies offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, which you have to claim within 14 days of starting their service. Also, most tax relief companies will only refund the investigation fee while keeping the significantly higher resolution fee. In general, it’s always a good idea to look for businesses registered with the Better Business Bureau and the Bureau of Consumer Protection. The Better Business Bureau issues a rating that outlines how well the tax relief company deals with consumer complaints and its overall reputability and customer service. Tax relief companies, also known as tax settlement firms, are for-profit organizations that offer to negotiate with the IRS to reduce your overall debt or monthly payment.

How Much Will TaxRise’s Services Cost?

This can be especially useful for small business owners or those with smaller accounting departments that need the support. If you are unable to pay your tax bill, the good news is the IRS is usually willing to work with you as long as you can prove your financial inability to pay the amount in-full. In these situations, Alleviate Tax can help determine the maximum relief available, which sometimes includes settling for a fraction of the demanded amount.

Tax Relief Services And Consultations

We also found that most of their state tax services were tailored toward individuals and businesses in California, where the company is headquartered. This doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t handle a case involving state tax debt from another state, but it’s certainly something to ask about during a consultation. If you continue, we will complete your resolution and resolve your tax problems. While no tax relief provider can guarantee a resolution outcome, TaxRise utilizes the same IRS technology when determining your qualification status.

Your Tax Resolution Starts Here

Optima Tax Relief’s award-winning staff of tax professionals provide comprehensive tax relief services that can help with almost any IRS and state tax issue. The tax relief process usually begins with a free consultation, during which a case manager will review your current tax debt and present you with a quote for continued service. Once you’ve accepted, the case manager will begin an in-depth investigation into your taxes and come up with the best plan of action.

Are tax relief programs worth it?

Tax relief can allow you to break down your debt into payments or reduce the amount of tax you pay to the government. No, tax relief won't wipe out your tax bill—and it could cost you more in the long run—but it might make paying what you owe to the federal government a lot more manageable.

If you’re wondering if tax relief is an option for you, you’ve come to the right place. At TaxRise, we offer complimentary tax consultations first to determine whether or not you are eligible for the IRS Fresh Start Program before onboarding as a client. However, we encourage you to seek professional tax resolution services to receive your best possible tax resolution. If your tax debt is relatively low or you don’t believe that the IRS will consider your financial hardship case, you can apply for an installment agreement with FORM 9465.

Taxpayers can utilize tax resolution services to resolve both personal and business tax liabilities. TaxRise requires that our clients owe at least $5,000 in tax debt and/or have unfiled back taxes. If you do not meet these criteria, our services would most likely cost you more money than you would end up saving. Discuss next steps and provide a quote for representation—Your tax professional will call you to discuss next steps and give you a flat fee quote for the tax relief services recommended in your case.

Tax Relief Services And Consultations

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